Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lazy Day Beanie

ETA: I knitted this hat lastnight after the kids were in bed. I used a chunky yarn and followed the below pattern exactly and it fits my very small 4 year old little girl. The pattern really needs to be revised to say "kids" hat. I knitted a matching scarf a while back and now she has a set. My next project is to try and make matching mittens, I just might have enough yarn left.

This is my first attempt at making a hat. I have to say I love the yarn and the end result. The pattern on the other hand said it was "one size". I added 4 more rows and it just fits my 6 year old son. If you make the pattern I suggest adding 8-10 rows for an adult hat.
want the pattern? it was a Lion Brand pattern.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dragon Party

Wow, this is seriously long over due. I have neglected my blog long enough!

I think when September hit and the lazy days of summer were over I found my free time was limited.

My son had a party in August, yes that was many moons ago. But he wanted a dragon theme and I wanted to finally share some of the fun things we did for his party.

We melted some crayons in a dragon mold to give away as party favours. we made some neat colour combinations and the kids loved to see the crayons melt and what colours it would create. We peeled a lot of crayons!

I made dragon wings for all the guests. This is my son trying to fly like a dragon. I got the instructions from Dabbled.
I did make some changes since mine were a no-sew project. I used that iron tape instead(I can`t sew)

My husband drew this dragon for a fun game of pin the flame on the dragon.

oh and the cake. My first attempt at making a shaped cake. It turned out OK. The kids loved it so that is all that counts. I made the wings and spikes out of chocolate and free formed them on some wax paper.

At the end of the party we set the kids out on a hunt to find the dragon hiding in the cave. My husband had fun making the clues and the kids had a blast following them to find the dragon.