Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rainbow Mittens

I finally did it! I made a matching pair of mittens and both are the same size!

I have attempted to make mittens a few times now and with perseverance I finally got two mittens that I am happy with.

I used this basic beginners Lion Brand pattern, but instead of using worsted weight yarn which I was suppose to use, my daughter really wanted this yarn but it was a light weight. I doubled up the yarn and it worked out great, the mittens are cozy and warm.


  1. Super cute mittens. I so wish I could knit...I can crochet up a storm, but give me knitting needles and I'm a complete disaster. Maybe that will be next winter's learning. right now, it's the guitar!

  2. I wish I could crochet!
    So many cute hats to make with crochet patterns

  3. Crafter, Baker, mother you'll have to send me patterns. THere are a few hats that I've found, but not the perfect one yet. The one in my profile picture is the best one I've found...and I do love it! It's warm too!

  4. Hi Kim
    That hat is very cute!
    I would just think crochetting in the round is so much easier then knitting.
    I am going to attempt to make this hat
    to match a cable scarf I am knitting.
    I need to have a matching hat with the scarfs I knit.


  5. Adorable! Great yarn choice too!