Monday, July 4, 2011

Knitted Sundress

I knitted this very cute sundress for my daughter(she picked the colours). I used an Acrylic and Cotton blend yarn from Bernat, Baby Cakes in Ballerina(pink) and a soft purple that is currently unavailable. This yarn is a worsted weight, easy to knit with but I am hoping it washes well, only time will tell.

I knitted the largest size and should have knitted the size 4, but at least my daughter can grow into it over the next couple of years. This is the first garment that I have ever knitted and although I found the pattern easy to follow I had a difficult time with sewing it together. The pattern has a lot of decreases and this left some messy edging when I was finished. I am not too happy about that part, but all in all I think this dress is adorable, and most important after all my work my daughter wants to wear it!

The purple trim and oh so adorable flower was done by my talented Friend Jen T. She saved me after I was having a hard time getting the trim done correctly, and she crocheted this very cute flower that my daughter just had to have.

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  1. How adorable. Wish I could knit! The flower is so cute too...does your friend have a pattern for that cause I can crochet!