Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vegetarian Lasagna

This recipe was originally adapted from the Vegan Spinach Lasagna from

I have made this recipe two times now with great results. My kids love this lasagna and eat up every last bit of it. My version is not vegan. I did add a tiny but of organic Cheddar cheese to the top of the lasagna. But I am going to bet that even without cheese my kids would eat this.

When I made this recipe the second time I decided to make a veggie Ground Round layer(what is veggie Ground Round?). I pan fried the ground round with some chopped up mushrooms and used that as my bottom layer. The only changes I made to the original recipe aside from adding an extra layer was not using the nutritional yeast and adding cheese.

The "ricotta" spinach mixture for this recipe is so good. I bet even tofu hating people will really enjoy this one. Give it a try, you will be very pleasantly surprised.


  1. As a vegan, a good cheese substitute has been impossible to find but recently I tried some Daiya fake cheese, and it is really fantasic! It's soy free too, and melts and tastes like real cheese, I swear it. I have tried both the cheddar and mozzarella flavors and love it on lasagna, pizza, as mac-n-cheese, and even in some beans and rice with veggies. I think I need to buy stock in it!

  2. Hi Patricia

    I have heard of the Daiya cheese. It is made in Canada but because of so many regualtions we can't get it where I live yet. I think it is only available in Vancouver. Boon Burger(a vegetarian burger place here) has it so I am hoping it will be in stores soon!

    I have found Vegan Rella to be ok, but my husband really hates it so I have to give a little to get a lot. kwim?
    I am thankfull to him for being so open to my vegetarian cooking.
    I ended up finding some raw organic cheese so it is a good compromise I think until he can learn to love some vegan cheeses.