Monday, August 9, 2010

Reading Organic Labels

After watching the movie Food, Inc. I decided to buy the book to read a little further into what the movie didn't get a chance to say. I have to say I am enjoying the book a lot and have learned so much about our food industry.

One thing I didn't know was the Organic label and the laws that are set around it. The word Organic doesn't mean that the entire product is organic nor does it have to be. Here are the tips I learned about reading labels. write them down if you need to, but remember these three things when shopping for organic foods.

"The term "100% Organic" is fairly self-explanatory and refers to foods and fibers that are indeed produced at every step, from field to store shelf."

"The Second level, simply "Organic" requires that at least ninety-five percent of a product's ingredients be organic, with the remaining five percent strictly limited to ingredients on USDA's National List of allowed and Prohibited Materials."

"The third category, "Made with Organic", means that at least seventy percent of a product's ingredients are organic."

My only concern with this is the very long list of materials that are on the USDA's National List. Curious about the materials? Click on the link above for a full list of stuff in alphabetical order.

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