Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Fit

Here today, gone tomorrow. Just like that our little black car(the Honda Fit) is completely smashed due to some crazy kids running a flashing red light.
First and foremost, my Husband is 100% ok, amazingly not a scratch to be found, maybe a stiff neck and back that could use some physio. He walked away a little shaken, he ended up T-boning a full size van(Toyota Sienna) with a bunch of teenagers driving after curfew, no full license behind their names and passengers that were illegally present in the van.

What have I taken from this experience? Many things.
The Honda Fit is amazing at safety! My husband went from 60k to 0k in 0 seconds flat with a head-on collision and lived to tell about it.
I learned my husband has a lot of strength to move forward from situations that I otherwise would probably be traumatised about for weeks if not months. I already knew I loved my husband more than anything, but when I saw our little car and what was left of it I got very choked up and realised how lucky we really are that nothing serious has come from this.
On a down side, I am saddened that some young kids think they are invisible to risk their lives and others for an evening out. I am also upset that our brand new car(only 1 year old to the day!) is gone and we have to fight with our insurance company to get out of this in some way benefiting us. I find it funny how the accident is not even our fault yet we might have to fight for our rights.

Live each day like it is your last. Hug your spouse, snuggle your children and eat some good food!


  1. What do you mean by passengers that were illegally present in the van? Just curious?

  2. When teenagers get a licence they are on 2 years probation. This means they are not allowed to drive in the vehicle with friends unless one of them has their full license(not on probation any more) The driver was on probation and his passengers either didn't have a licence or they were also on probation themselves. This is agents the law where we live.

  3. Oh ok. I'm glad no one was badly hurt.