Friday, April 15, 2011

Gingerbread cookies

My little peanut and I made some yummy gluten free/dairy free ginger cookies today.

I have been having so much luck with Slivana Nardone's cook book(Cooking for Isaiah) that I look forward to the next recipe I might try. I like to keep some sweet treats in the freezer for those short notice play dates, or tea with my girlfriends.

These ginger cookies are very good and they have very little sugar, which is a plus. The only negative thing I can say about Cooking for Isaiah is the amount of sugar in the recipes. I have successfully cut the amount of sugar in half when the sugar content seemed to be very high, with great results I am happy to report. But this recipe only has 1/2 a cup of light packed brown sugar and it seems to be the right amount.

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