Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Perfect Food

My Husband and I discovered this grain like substance a while back called Quinoa. It can almost be considered the perfect food.
here is the nutritional break down.

High in protein, high in calcium, great for celiac's, good source of fiber, low in fat, no saturated or trans fats and very high in folates.

How to cook it

Here is the recipe I made tonight.
(sorry no pictures today). It turned out great!
We had tried it a few months back but cooked it like we would have rice, with just some salt and olive oil. Lets just say there was a reason why it took us this long to try it again. It was horrible!
We didn't rinse it first, which makes a huge difference and Quinoa will take on any flavour you throw at it. So if you like beef or chicken broth use that instead of vegetable broth. I suggest to try a recipe that adds flavour and you will probably really enjoy it.

I bought some Organic Quinoa from the Bulk Barn and have not looked for it anywhere else. I am sure the health food stores like Vita Health and Organza have it. Super Store may also have it in there New Health food sections that they are adding to all their stores(which I am loving).


  1. I'm getting tired of the usual rice and potatoes! I think we will give it a try!

  2. Costco has it as well.