Saturday, January 30, 2010

Support Sustainable Farming

Free Range Chickens

Mass produced chickens
(which meat do you want to eat?)

Have you ever thought about where your meat comes from and what it contains? Many people don't even begin to think about these things. All animals produced for mass slaughter are given antibiotics and a long list of vaccinations to keep them "healthy" until they are ready for slaughter. They are given these antibiotics and vaccinations because they are housed in very small and dirty environments where germs and viruses grow rapidly.
There is a simple solution to this problem. Buy sustainable farmed meat with no antibiotics or vaccinations. It is a domino effect. More people have to be aware of what they are eating and they should care about what they eat. If you support small farmers who are taking that extra step you are creating a market for a more demanding product and hopefully one day we will push out the mass produced meat that is unhealthy for us.
We will also be supporting farmers who actually really care about their livestock. Farmers who care about quality over quantity. Farmers who don't force their hogs and chickens into small steal crates but rather let them run free, like nature intended.
A few great search tools to find local meat producers is
There is a list of local meat and egg suppliers as well as a few other products like honey, nuts and seeds.
As a family we have purchased Chickens from Asher Farms, and Pork from Ian Smith. The cost may seem high, but isn't your health and the health of your family worth it?
And the simple thing about supporting a local farmer goes beyond more then you can even imagine.

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