Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skinny Bitch

No, I am not a Skinny Bitch, or I at least have to work on the Skinny part.
A parent of one of my son's Kindergarten classmates suggested this book to me. We got talking on healthy eating and she told me I just had to read it.
It took me a few weeks to decide to get the book. I bought it on a Friday, started the book that afternoon and finished it early Saturday afternoon. It truly was a great read. I consider myself open minded and had no issues reading the book. It also brought me back to the good old days when I was a Skinny Bitch. Why was I skinny? because I was a strict Vegetarian! I always had issues with my weight whenever meat was involved in my diet, but once I became a Vegetarian and then a Vegan my weight just fell off.
So, with that I have decided to finally get back into it. I had always had that thought at the back of my head that I should really stop eating meat again. Skinny Bitch gave me that push that I needed.

I highly suggest the book. It not only talks about Veganisum, but it also talks about the politics on food. Which companies are corrupt and a nice long list of artificial ingredients to stay away from, as well as an ok list of natural safe ingredients in packaged foods.
I am still trying to stick to my no packaged food lifestyle as well, so this is going to be a challenge.
In my previous vegetarian ways I would always eat packaged hamburgers and never gave it any thought. But you have to be careful with the amount of sodium in vegetarian packaged foods. The companies have to add A LOT of salt to make those foods taste good.

You may see some of my old favorite recipes pop on here, one being a super yummy mushroom burger I use to make all the time. But if you hate mushrooms I am sure it doesn't sound good at all.

I am going on day 4 of no meat and I feel great! I also cut out coffee cold turkey and surprisingly never had any withdrawal symptoms. I am seriously addicted to coffee, it is harder for me to give up the coffee over anything, even the meat.

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