Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strawberry Banana Jam!

This is only the best Jam ever! Homemade that is. Any flavour will do, but nothing beats making homemade jam.

The first time I made it I tried to cut back on the sugar but it turned out more like a thick sauce instead of a nice jam consistency. with my second try I followed the instructions as per the recipe but added some banana to the strawberries and boy oh boy is it yummy!

The possibilities are endless really. I have to admit that I hardly even do a thing when I make jam. My wonderful bread maker does it all for me. The only difference with this jam is you have to eat it within 2 weeks or freeze it. I collect small jars and freeze about 1/4-1/2 a cup in each jar. Take it out of the freezer as needed and you have fresh homemade jam, for a fraction of the cost of good quality store bought jam.
If you don't have a bread maker you can buy Certo packages specifically labeled "Freezer Jam" you don't need to worry about having a bunch of canning items and boiling any jars. all you need is some fruit, Certo mix, sugar, a pot, a spoon and jars. Plastic containers work just as well.
Note: If the fruit you want to use is not in season, buy it frozen. Frozen fruit is always picked in season.

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